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"Chasing Turkeys through the Farm" Burgers   
Event Name: "Chasing Turkeys through the Farm" Burgers
When? July 26, 2005 7:30 PM
(Sign up by July 25, 2005 6:00 PM)
Where? Upper West Side
New York, NY
(exact location?)
How Much? $20.00 / person
Seats Remaining? Only 3 seats remaining!
This event has been cancelled
Age Range 21 to 45
What type of food?

American, Grilled / Barbecue

Host's description: The recipe is set. I've been practicing and perfecting the perfect Turkey burger. I will be entering these turkey burgers in the "Build a Better Burger" competition in a few weeks. Join me for some pre-submission tasting. There's still some time to tweak the recipe ever so slightly so, before I send my official entry. So try these guys out!

Chopped vegetables and chips with a artichoke parmesan dip.

"Chasing Turkeys through the Farm" burgers.
Juicy, delicious, Turkey burgers done my way with plenty of fixins and toppings.
Side of potato wedges (baked, not fried).

Peach tart tatin with ice cream.

Homebrew Beer and wine for everyone.
About the Host  
Nickname ovenman
Reviews: Read Host Reviews
About the host: Founder and creator of SocialEats. I'm just a guy who enjoys cooking, and sharing a good meal with those around me. I've been cooking since I was a kid, and love bold flavors and aromas. I take some traditional dishes, mix it up with some new flavors and techniques to create some delicious meals.
About the Venue: 1st floor
Townhouse/Brownstone walkup
Upper West Side
New York, NY
Venue has the following animals:
1 Dog

This Event Is Cancelled
This event has been cancelled

Who's Coming  
Nickname Seats Reserved Self Description
ilana1hi. i'm ilana (aka mrs. ovenman). i enjoy great food and great company! can't wait to meet you at dinner.
This event has been cancelled

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